Why invest in Globop Photography?

At Globop Photography, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of quality in all our products and we make sure all our customers are not only satisfied with their artwork, but absolutely thrilled! For these reasons, every order includes the following free perks:

  • Returns for Damaged Art*.  For up to 3 natural days upon arrival, customers can request a return for any art that was delivered in damaged condition. (*U.S. & Canada only)

  • Investment Value. Everyday we keep working hard to make sure your art investment increases in value. It is not just about price increases. Our continuous involvement in the art community, participation in competitions, publications, our blog and classes contribute to adding value to your investment. Don't be fooled by many self-labeled fine art photography businesses which mass-produce unlimited copies of every photograph. That simply is not fine art and has zero value for art collectors. Real fine art photography focuses on a quality-based approach of producing very limited numbers of copies, but at the highest available quality.

  • Quality Assurance. All our prints follow the museum archival standard and are checked manually before they leave the lab. If your piece starts to fade, crack or simply shows a lower quality than originally, we will replace it at no cost to you.

  • Limited Edition Warranty. To add uniqueness to your product and dramatically increase its value, we guarantee every item in our store is part of a Limited Edition series. These are defined as series of one photograph (or product), with a predefined number of copies produced using the same technique, resulting in art work of identical size, format and material. No additional copies of the same photograph will ever be produced once the number of copies in the Limited Edition series is exhausted. The number of copies in a Limited Edition series varies with the type of product and its size. You can check the latest chart here.

  • Certificate of Authenticity. Along with your art piece, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity that includes the product's serial number, the copy number within that Limited Edition series, basic technical data related to the photo and the print production process, the photographer/s signature and Globop Photography's seal.

  • Shipment Tracking. We will provide the tracking number of your shipment. If your artwork is damaged we will send a replacement at no additional cost to you.

  • Free Personal Assistance. We offer help deciding the best material, size and even image for your space. Just get in touch with us, explain your specific needs and anything that helps us understand the space you are trying to decorate and we will give you our best advice free of charge. We have two architects in our team!

  • Photographer's Bio and Artist Statement. You will receive a copy of the photographer's biography and artist statement.

  • Photographer Exclusive Access. You will receive the contact information of the photographer/s involved in the creation of your artwork who will personally address any questions or issues you have with your piece.

  • "Making of" Disclosure. You are not just buying a photograph, you are buying a story. We always disclose the place, time and technique of every photograph, but you are also entitled to learning the "Making of" if you'd like. Occasionally we feature certain images on our blog and tell the behind-the-scenes story of how it was created, but if you can't find yours or want to know more about it, ask us and we will happily share it with you! This is why we love taking photos... it's all about the stories!