Fine Art Leasing


Growing tired of your wall decoration? Ever thought how great it would be if you could change your art pieces every now and then?

Great news! As the keystone of our services, Globop Photography has launched a system of fine art photography leasing through which customers can subscribe to different plans for a periodic rotation of images, assisted by our personalized guidance to ensure a high quality interior collectionThere are three rotation terms available, seasonal, semiannual and annual, that make customers eligible to have their artwork renewed every 3, 6 or 12 months. You can select from our large selection of images, sizes and materials or give as a few parameters and we’ll make some suggestions for you. There are 63 different plans to choose from and shipping is free within the lower 48 states!

But there is even more! You may be thinking, "Ok, what if I fall in love with one of the photos and desperately want to keep it?!". Subscribers can elect to buy the leased artwork at any given time and most of the lease's paid fees can be applied towards the purchase.

Why Leasing Art

  • Top quality artworks for a fraction of the price
  • Allows for an art selection rotation and artwork tryouts
  • Tax benefits for businesses as lease may qualify as a deductible expense
  • Conservation of capital, avoiding large upfront costs
  • Conservation of credit (a lease is not a loan)
  • No purchase commitment

Pricing Structure

  1. Set-up fee: There is a set-up fee associated with each new account. Think of it as the insurance for the artwork. This is a one-time charge, unless one of the artwork pieces is damaged while in the lessee’s possession, in which case, the charge may repeat in order to continue the lease agreement.
  2. Monthly fee: Depending on the term (3, 6 or 12 months), size and material of the artworks, there is a low monthly payment. Plans start at $16/month!
  3. Purchase Option: You will be able to purchase any piece of artwork at any time. 100% of the set-up fee + 50% of the monthly fees paid will be applied towards the retail price of the purchase.
  4. Shipping is free within the lower 48 states. If you are in Alaska, Hawaii or any other US territory, please get in touch with us before you sign up as shipping charges may apply.

Other Considerations

  • You can choose any image in our catalog/website. If you don’t see what you are looking for ask us, chances are we have something in our library or can go out on the field to take a new image for you.
  • You can select which image you want next or give us a few tips and we can make some suggestions for you.
  • You can pause your membership at any time and reactivate it without having to repay the set-up fee.
  • In order to start a new account, you will have to make the following selections:
    1. Decide between Single Prints or Fine Art Sets.
    2. Material choice of Canvas Wrap, Metal Float or Acrylic Floats.
    3. Select the maximum size: S (typically around 16”x24”), M (24”x36”), L (30”x45”) and XL (40”x60”). Remember you will also have access to all smaller sizes up to your selection. For example, if you select L size, you get access to S & M sizes as well.
    4. Finally, how often do you want to get a new piece, 3, 6 or 12 months. You can switch to a different plan at any time, but a small fee may apply.