About Us

Globop Photography is a platform that provides easy access to high quality fine art photography products and services.

As visual creatures, humans are greatly impacted by images, and photography can be an extremely powerful tool. We believe we can have a real influence helping people live a better life by providing them with beautiful, inspiring photography.

Unlike most photography businesses, we want to focus on the impact imagery has on people. The focus should not be the images themselves, but how they influence clients in particular and society in general. Whether raising awareness for a cause or improving the health and lives of those who acquire one of our products, Globop wants to make sure there is always an embedded message.


The Globop Photography LLC Team, © Globop Photography LLC

As the keystone of our services, a system of fine art photography leasing and decoration consulting will allow customers to subscribe to different programs for a periodic rotation of images, assisted by our personalized guidance to ensure a high quality interior collection

All of our physical products come in limited editions and fall under three categories: 

- Fine Art Prints, available in different materials (fine art paper, canvas, acrylic, dibond...). 
- Fine Art Sets, which are custom-made compositions or photographic series. 
- Collectibles, related to current events and seasons (postcards, bookmarks, puzzles, t-shirts...). 

We envision Globop Photography becoming a nation-wide reference for photographic collections, providing assessment and counseling to clients to upgrade the look of their spaces. 

Our mission is twofold. First, we are committed to raising awareness for the protection and preservation of nature. Protected areas are the most treasured heritage of any country. They are a display of the innate beauty of the land prior to any human alteration or, in some cases, as close as we can get to experiencing it. Globop is always looking for partnerships with organizations that provide educational programs and initiatives that attempt to help the environment. We need to keep working on securing the future of our natural ecosystems and educating people on how to live a more sustainable and ecologically-sensitive life that helps preserve our most valuable resource, Planet Earth.

Second, there is plenty of scientific research on the benefits of exposure to certain types of imagery. We want to provide easy access to high quality, fine art photography that improves the overall health and performance of people, from patients in hospitals (nature images greatly help speed recovery time) to employees in offices (increased productivity and focus).

Our company was founded in February 2013 in Chicago, Illinois and recently relocated to Beverly Hills, California.