Interior Decoration Consulting

First impressions count. The image individuals or businesses convey, has an effect on the relationship with their guests and customers right off the bat. Globop Photography focuses on helping clients with a twofold purpose: upgrading the image of their spaces and improving the overall health of their occupants.

We specialize in interior collections. Whether you are an individual who wants to enrich your personal space at home or a business trying to improve the workspace for its employees or create a better overall experience for its clients, we will create a personalized assessment and a full set of recommendations for a small fee that will be applied towards your purchase, should you decide you want to acquire a piece of fine art photography or subscribe to one of our leasing plans.

Many research studies have proven the benefits and effects of the exposure to certain types of images on human behavior. Nature photos have a positive effect on patients in hospitals and care facilities, improving their overall health and shortening their recovery time. People with access to natural forms and textures show increased focus and productivity.

There is a whole science behind the use of different colors and its effects on the human mind and body. Just to name a few, red can stimulate your heartbeat and breathing, which may be good for a space where you exercise, but it can also create stress, which may not be ideal for a work space. Blue can boost your creativity, yellow helps release serotonin causing happiness and black signifies power and authority.

The Globop team will help you understand all these variables so that you can better enjoy your spaces!