Leasing Membership - Step 4 of 4: Term Choice for Small Metal Single Prints

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  • Remember you will be able to purchase any piece of artwork at any time. 100% of the set-up fee + 50% of the monthly fees paid will be applied towards the retail price of the purchase.
  • You can switch to a different plan at any time, but fees may apply.
  • With a Seasonal plan, we change your print every 3 months.
  • With a Semiannual plan, we change your print every 6 months.
  • With an Annual plan, we change your print every 12 months.

During checkout, you will be charged a one-time set-up fee of $190. Once the transaction is approved, you will receive an email with the link and instructions to complete the set-up of your monthly payments (no worries, it's just one simple additional step):


Monthly Charge: $64


Monthly Charge: $32


Monthly Charge: $16