Leasing Membership - Step 3 of 4: Size Selection for Acrylic Fine Art Sets

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  • Consider the overall size of your space.
  • Test different sizes if you have similar pieces at home or do a quick measure to get an idea of how big the artworks are going to feel.
  • Ask us if you need help!
  • Remember you will also have access to all smaller sizes up to your selection. For example, if you select L size, S and M sizes are included in your membership if desired.

Choose between:

M (Medium)

20"x20", 20"x30" or 24"x36"

Medium Size Selection

L (Large)

30"x30", 32"x32", 30"x45" or 32"x48"

Large Size Selection

XL (Extra Large)

40"x40", 40"x60" or 48"x48"

Extra Large Size Selection