Meet the Team!

 The Globop Photography Team, © Globop Photography LLC

  • Javier is a photographer and architect based in Beverly Hills, California. His passion for photography started at a very young age, when his parents bought him his first camera. Over the years, he has acquired a unique way of capturing the essence of whatever catches his attention. He is an all-terrain photographer, with themes ranging from natural spaces to urban details, abstract photography or architecture, the latter supported by his background as a professional in the field. He is constantly on a quest to find new stories to tell through his images and photographic projects.

“We have been blessed to live in an era where travel is possible and no place on Earth seems unreachable. Through my work, I intend to show the amazing beauty of the world we live in, in all its different forms.“


  • Félix is a photographer based in Madrid, Spain. He started his photographic activity more than 30 years ago and often participates in renown international competitions. He has been the recipient of several awards throughout his career. His photographs in the series “Wild Delicacy” have been finalists in the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2010 as well as the winner of the Galen Rowell award in the category of landscape in the 8th Annual Competition of Nature Photography Ciutat de Vila-Real. His portfolio shows a strong focus on nature.

“Photography is the medium that makes me want to look for the light, the moment, the detail; that invites me to observe more carefully; that makes me try to capture with my camera the way I feel about both of my passions: nature and traveling.”


  • Amaia is an architect and sustainability specialist based in Beverly Hills, California. Her post-professional studies at Harvard University and subsequent work have allowed her to gain expertise in areas such as sustainable design, climate change, environmental strategies and health issues. She is a proactive professional with a strong interest in photography that contributes a wider vision from an outsider perspective and the willingness to integrate visual art with her environmental and social agenda.

“We believe the visual power of photography can have an impact. We want to take photography to the next level and use it to raise awareness and contribute to social causes.”